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IT takes on a product mindset


The need to co-create with the business has many CIOs shifting away from IT projects in favor of a product-based approach that, like so much else in business, is a journey that takes time to nurture and succeed.

IT takes on a product mindset

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When Steven Palmese moved into the CIO role at Presidio two years ago, he found an IT department delivering technologies through a project-based approach using waterfall development methods for some tasks and agile practices for others.

Palmese knew that wasn’t going to work moving forward.

“It’s not responsive. By the time you produce a solution, it could be irrelevant, so we had to adjust and find a way to function with the business to give them what they need more quickly,” he says.

He has been moving his IT department — and the rest of the company — toward a different way of working ever since.

Palmese partnered first with his company’s CFO, knowing that she shared his vision for working differently to get IT tools to her own team more quickly. He reorganized some of his IT staff into teams centered around those finance department tools, or products, and hired a product manager who had both a finance background and technical acumen.

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